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Johnann Johnson
Oct 03, 2020
In Along the Path
I have been delighted and so refreshed by the meditations this week. All have inspired me to write more and seek peace more. Thank you to Wendy, Mike and Erik. Each was different but held the same space for our growth and inner voice.
Johnann Johnson
Oct 02, 2020
In Creatives
I was experiencing my garden for the talks and creatives which inspired me to use that creative urge, the one I always have in the garden, to put it on paper.
Johnann Johnson
Sep 30, 2020
In Introduce Yourself
Hi Everyone! So good to be seeing your smiling faces! It may not be a room full of huggers but seeing a peek at each of you in your 'native' environments is fun too. The year for me has been full of gardening, learning, trusting and cocooning at home. I was able to delve deeper into my garden than I have ever had time to do, which filled me with joy and a whole lot... a whooole lot... of zucchini and tomatoes. 😜 No food shortages on my watch! I spent time in study of passions like cooking, farming, meditation and self healing. I read... well really listened to... many new books & podcasts. Fantasy, fiction, gardening (of course), mysteries, histories and wellness titles. Youtube has given me a glimpse into subjects that I get so excited about, like dehydrating, flower arranging, new recipes, raising chickens, homesteading and, lately, fixing sprinklers. 💧 As a family, my husband, Michael, and I share a home with my aunt Natalla and my mother, Cynthia. We have been swimming almost every day that the smoke didn't keep us locked inside. Which gave way to many summer days playing dominoes by the pool. Now its football Sunday, Monday and Thursdays. Our sweet dog had knee surgery, making her the focus of 4 sessions of treatments & therapy each day, but she is almost back to normal. I've had some struggles, such as not being able to see our close family, a loss of a dear friend, not being able to have clients to my home office, needing to cancel travel to Winni, and canceling all of my side jobs (catering & workshops). Today, however, I am only filled with gratitude for you - my fellow JFOers - who are lighting the world with peace, prayer and friendships. Look forward to hearing about your year and praying with you using our whole mind, body and spirit. 💜
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Johnann Johnson

Johnann Johnson

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