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Speaking on Saturday Evening, meet Marillyn Knuteson:


Marillyn is on a lifelong path of learning health care of bodymindspirit. Her experiences include the teachings of a bodymindspirit nurse-midwife grandmother who used inventive holistic ways to practice healing. Other experiences include Marillyn's college nursing years, marriage, family, the group formation of a storefront natural foods cooperative, and an unusual 2-yr intensive in an academic holistic wellness school.

During a lengthy recovery from brain tumor surgery, Marillyn made a backyard discovery of the Farthest Out movement with its ready-made complete pattern for living in the place of Wholeness. This 1978 discovery opened the door to long activity in the movement's formal service of wholeness in prayer. The spiritual heritage of all humans enlivens her archive work for the international aspect of the movement.

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