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Letters to God

Writing a letter to God is a treasured part of the JFO program. It’s a way to express how you’re feeling about your camp experience. And, in the JFO tradition of experimenting with different ways to pray, you will be putting your thoughts into words or images which can be a wonderful connection to God.

A time is usually set aside for writing letters to God toward the end of camp. This year, with our virtual camp, you can write your letter anytime during or after camp. It can be on fancy stationery, on lined notebook paper, or even on your tablet or laptop! If you are a visual person, you might decide to make your letter to God a drawing, painting or collage.

We suggest that you find a time when you can be quiet and alone. You might play music or sit in nature. Think about what you would like to say to God. If you wish, address your letter “Dear God,” then simply begin to let the words or images flow out of you. When you are done, turn the paper over or create a new page. Here you will record your response from God. Empty your mind. Take time and listen for a response from God that’s just for you. Then write down any messages you feel guided to write.


When your letter or art is complete, put it in an out-of-the-way spot – a desk drawer or between the pages of a favorite book, perhaps on your computer where you could save it in a folder you don’t often use.

Make a note on your calendar or a reminder on your phone for 4-6 months from now, telling yourself that it is time to read your letter to God, and reminding yourself where you put it! We guarantee that reading your letter months from now will bring the camp experience back to you, and you will be surprised and blessed at what you shared with God, and how God responded to you.

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