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Jodi Terry
Oct 03, 2020
In Creatives
10.3.2020- Saturday Creatives Seek justice Love kindness Walk humbly These principles have been in my bones for as long as I can remember. Taught to me in a number of ways, these lessons penetrate my heart at camp. It is so easy to go along in the world.. work, eat, sleep, repeat. Easy to become complacent, and forget to be conscious of these tenets. Today, I re-awaken to these roots, and I am so grateful. Seek Love Walk Justice Kindness Humbly Even having missed much of this virtual camp- coming in, and being steeped in camp spirit and love, the last two nights and this morning.. brings me back. I forget to live in my body/temple.. to seek, to love, and to walk in this body. To remember that, on a cellular level, we all seek and love and walk the same. We are beautifully diverse, but cellularly so similar- a chain of paper dolls, scissored out of the same fibers.. the same material.. each one weathers differently, depending on the environments we are subjected to. Each one acquires our own scars and delights. The 2020 world, our country, so lacking in justice in such overt ways… I am guilty of having let the anger, frustration, outrage, fear, terror, really, enter in.. I have become numb to the search, the loving walk…. Today, rather than continuing to step and step and step, on auto pilot.. to go through the motions.. instead today I remind my body and cells and mind and heart to step in love. To be conscious of practicing kindness. To keep humble and open, and not go through the motions, half awake. This morning, after singing, Barbara and I were discussing beat.. how the beat ties music together.. makes the connection, unifies. How anyone can step into the music, if they can access the rhythm so intrinsic to it. The drumbeat, heartbeat of our world as we dance…the rhythm that unifies us all- that is what I commit to remember. Each of you are a beat in my song, a beat in my heart, you help to form the rhythm of the universe. The humble, just, kind universe. The seal set on my heart.
Jodi Terry

Jodi Terry

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