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I love JFO whether as a camper or as a is such a gift of connection, of belonging, of being with beautiful people in beautiful places. When I have been ill , fellow campers have come and poured enough Love and prayer over me to fill up my senses and remind me what it is like to feel hopeful, healthier and happier. I carry the gift of the JOY you always leave behind, and because of that, with a barely functional computer and as an even more dysfunctional techie I am ging to try to be here.

Much is going on in our family--grandchildren learning from home, parents teaching their classes from home. Fires, smoke and fear for our just barely 18 year old (going on 9) acquired child---so tired of quarantine and such a good sport most of the time, making music to lighten others' spirits. Our daughter Caitlyn has been evacuated twice from Calistoga and my sister Stella had her Adventist Sabbath interruped by evacuation from Santa Rosa and is moving ever closer to our house on the coast. Eek--I would have thought our cup runneth over, but of course that can never be--we don't even believe in that in times of trouble, do we? I care so much for you all and hope my learner's permit helps me participate as much as possible. Thank you thank you thank you for knowing what is important and making it happen with grace and laughter, prayer and tears, and a whole lot of shared effort! Blessed Be!



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